Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:

Megan has brain cancer...Please pray for her and her mother, Karen

Mike has passed away.  Please pray for his family.

Linda Lindstrom who has been diagnosed  with cancer.

Andrew who has panic Attacks

John Hawkins and his wife

Lynn Brus had surgery and is waiting for pathology results.  Please pray they got it all.

Kurt  as he is fighting an aggressive cancer of the pancreas.

Our brother Kyle.  He just lost his mother, Marilyn.

Shirley Richter as she fights cancer.

Mrs. Walker....she used to go to our church but now she has a clot on the brain in Texas.

The family of Elder Fernando as his sister, Connie, just passed away from cancer.

Vicki Bowen's son Mike....He has diabetes and it has caused blindness and many side effects.  Pray that he recover and especially that he know Jesus!

Cheryl James who just recovered from another surgery.

Butch Bonds who is having problems breathing.

Al Polina who has high blood pressure.

Bob Shounick's son Thad 

Penny Polina who is fighting her lung disease.

Wayne Malik who is having health problems with a growth

Ed Nichols help him to heal.

Dawn Croxton - Recovering at home from surgery to remove a portion of one lung because of cancer.