Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:

Battling with Cancer:

--- Dawn, Doddie Croxton’s daughter-in-law is home recovering from surgery on her lung

--- Jeff Richmond (lung cancer)

--- Steve Moore (Lynda Amato's brother in Denver Colorado with prostate cancer)

---- Sandy Reimers

--- Vern Milbrandt (prostate cancer has ceased advancing)

--- Tristen Blummer - continues to be clear of cancer

---Ron Nelson, Sr. as he continues to battle with a spreading cancer, and for his wife, Vicki, as she cares for him.

Dealing with Mental Illness:

--- Roger Castleman (friend of Paul Fitzgerald) who is dealing with depression

--- Carol Hawkins - John's wife, has worsening dementia

Tragic Loss:

--- Louise Malik passed away and we need to pray for the Malik family

Other concerns:

Louisie Zumwalt’s granddaughter, April, has been diagnosed with Lime disease and it has been very debilitating.

Damian McNeal who has serious health concerns.

Pete Beitzel - He is back from the hospital. There is some fluid behind his lungs and will be getting checkups in the next several weeks. His heart valve is leaky and 57% functional. Visitors welcome at Good Samaritan nursing home.

Kyren Golden - 4yr old nephew of Litonda Sheets will be having surgery on his brain June 13th 

Muscatine school - Arrangements have been made for a teacher and an aid. They had a successful open house on April 14th and are anticipating 9 to 10 students in the next school year.

Len Fernando - silent request

Brittany Steel- Is home from the hospital and recovering well. Still has mobility issues. 

Rita Eckhart - fell and broke her arm. She is home in a sling.

   Thelma Torrez- Thelma is Helen Nichol’s sister.  She is recovering from a stroke and pneumonia. 

Melody Lord- Continuing to recover from her fall and fractured femur at her sister, Joanne’s, home.  She is 50% recovered and hoping to be back to church soon.

Ongoing war and conflict in the Ukraine and in Myanmar.

Dorian Byrd - dealing with shingles

Radio Station - resolving issues with the station


Almost $1,000.00 was collected to help with boxes of essentials for Ukrainian families

Butch Bond's estate sale raised enough funds for three water wells in Africa.

Sandy Reimers has been back at church lately

Robert Castleman has started a new job

Dale Fey – Her health has improved to the point of wanting to come back to church

Andrey Arkhipov- His father, Vladimir, has left the Ukraine and is in the U.S. safe

Paul Fitzgerald's son-in-law, Dan, as he considers Christ and faith is now enjoying Bible passages Paul is sending