Prayer and Praise


Please Pray for:

Please pray for the family of Shirley Richter.  She passed away early this morning and her family needs comfort.

Pray for a friend of Emma Tanner.  He or She is on dialysis and is not doing well.

Dale Fey has a problem with her diabetes.  He kidneys are shutting down and she fears she might need to be on dialysis permanently.  Please pray for her recovery.

Shirley Richter is having problems from both the surgery and her condition.   She is now residing in Manor care the one that Larry Shy was in.  Please pray without ceasing!

Christie's father in law

Michael Wheets is scheduled for more surgery

Ellen Skiver's friend Holly is having problems with her liver and Pancreas.  Please pray for her.

Vern Milbrandts daughter in law, Penny did not have a stroke but needs prayer for a condition that allows her to black out.

Please pray for Karen Roebuck at the loss of her uncle.

Pray for Karen's aunt who has a blockage.

Deb Taylor has gone to sleep waiting for Jesus

Len Fernando's Father is now asleep waiting for Jesus

Cheryl James nephew, Michael who is having circulatory problems and has had surgery and will have more.  He is stable

Shari Hammond, daughter of Ray  and Goldie Orr Requested that we pray for her as she is fighting  Liver and Lung cancer

Terry Dumeroff has throat and mouth and lung cancer.  After surgery he will have no face and must be tube fed forever.  Also be with him now as he mourns the death of his wife who passed Jan 6 2021.

Be with Butch Bonds who can hardly breathe.  What an awful condition to be in.

Vern Milbrants daughter Debbie

Vicki Bowen's son Mike....He has diabetes and it has caused blindness and many side effects.  Pray that he recover and especially that he know Jesus!  Pray for Vicki's daughter who has a horrible condition and needs your care.